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Local Agencies

For decades, FWC has played a vital role as an Assist Agency with our public agency partners. Assist Agencies provide various business assistance, training, and outreach to existing or prospective business owners; particularly those in the M/W/D/VBE communities.

Working together with these public agencies as partners, we review existing and potential rules and ordinances to address the needs of advancing small business development and growth within the state and throughout the nation.  This is one of the useful benefits of your FWC membership.



Chicago Park District
Click Here for ALL upcoming Chicago Park District bid opportunities

City of Chicago
Click Here for City of Chicago
bid opportunities

Public Building Commission
Click Here for PBC bid opportunities

Water Reclamation District

Click Here for Water Reclamation bid opportunities



Click Here for IDOT bid Opportunities

Chicago Transit Authority
Click Here for CTA bid Opportunities

MPEA McCormick Place
Click here for McCormick Place Bid Opportunities

Click Here for Pace bid opportunities

Illinois Tollway
Click Here for Tollway bid opportunities


METRA metra
Click Here for Metra bid opportunities

Cook County of Illinois
Click Here for Cook County bid opportunities

Sell to Illinois
Click Here for Illinois Procurement Bulletin bid opportunities

Chicago Housing Authority

Click Here for CHA bid opportunities


Click Here for CPS Bid Opportunities


Click Here for CDA bid opportunities

Click Here for Cook County bid opportunities

Cook County Health & Hospitals
Click Here for Cook County Health & Hospital bid opportunities

Cook County Forest Preserve
Click Here for Cook County Forest Preserve Bid Opportunities

Federal Business Opp
Click Here for Federal Business Opportunities

High Speed Rail
Click Here for Federal Business Opportunities